Friday, March 14, 2008

Think Traffic

As a follow-up to my previous post about Shenzhen cracking down on excessive honking (I still don't know what the official definition is), I would like to report that the police have supposedly handed out 500 fines in the first two days of the campaign. There is no word on how long the campaign will last though. There is also a banner hanging off the railing by the side of the road here that says something about honking being uncivilized and telling drivers to consider safety (I'll try to get a full translation soon).

To welcome back Photo Friday, I would like to say that China has some wonderful signs for the population. However, I think New York City takes top honors with this bit of brilliance to deter illegal parking. It's almost as funny as the Futurama episode with the old New York street sign. As Fry said, it meant "Up yours, kid."

This one comes from in front of Rockefeller Center. Is Big Brother listening in? Has anyone contacted George Orwell?

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