Friday, June 06, 2008

All The Muck That's Fit To Rake

Photo Friday is canceled this week due to a problem with the hamsters powering the Internet. For some reason I'm not getting the full features of Blogger at the moment. Therefore, I present some news and commentary.

Today, China Daily released a story about 16 Tibetan monks who were arrested for three separate bombings and plots. This news is a little late, as these incidents occurred in April--shortly after the March 14 riot in Lhasa. Very few details were mentioned in the article. The question now is why does the government feel that it is an appropriate time to publish this information in the newspaper? Could it be that most of the Chinese citizens have forgotten what happened a few short months ago? Or is it that foreign media have been more sympathetic to China in recent weeks due to the situation in Sichuan? With any reason, it was buried within the paper.

In earthquake news, China Vanke Co., the largest publicly-traded real estate company in China, has vowed to donate 100 million Yuan to help rebuild homes in Sichuan province. Apparently, the company is doing this to make amends for its paltry original donation of 2 million Yuan, which received excessive amounts of disdain from Chinese netizens. As part of its public humiliation, Vanke chairman Wang Shi resigned. On this news, the stock rose 4.7%. However, that still doesn't erase its 29% plummet for this year.

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