Friday, June 27, 2008

For a Day in the Park

The typhoon-turned-tropical storm has passed through Shenzhen, leaving behind plenty of rain and flooding. According the Shenzhen Daily, we received 176mm of rain on Wednesday. Yesterday, the school bus was extremely late again, and I had to reschedule my first class. Today, I was on time, even though the rain was heavy by the time we arrived on campus. I'm fortunate to not live in Shekou. My boss has been having some serious problems with her house since the last round of storms rolled through, and they've been complicated this time around. With everything that continuously breaks in my apartment, I'm lucky to not have any of those troubles.
For this Friday's photo, I'd like to present a decent day without rain--from a nearby park here in Nanshan (just next to Book City). Don't ask me what that hollow egg-shaped scultpure is supposed to be. There are a few of them around the park.

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