Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue River

This Friday's photo comes from my first big journey in China, during the first Spring Festival. Jia and I traveled to Shanghai to see the sights and visit her friends and family. I've wanted to move to Shanghai since I visited, but I've decided that it's just too expensive and I'm better off in a smaller city.

I've always liked this photo--and today it really makes me think of what I'd like out of a vacation. This summer, I've decided that I must convince Jia to take a week-long trip somewhere to just relax and do absolutely nothing (except maybe stare at nature, go hiking, go fishing). I'll see if I can talk her into a short trip to Mongolia.


Rocking Offkey said...

I hope you don't mean Outer Mongolia. THAT would be a good place to do nothing.

Shanghai is an exciting city to live in, just expensive.

Matthew said...

Actually, I did mean what mainland Chinese would consider Outer Mongolia. I've seen enough of the sights of China and would like to go to get out for a little while.