Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanks to the remnants of Typhoon Fengshen, I didn't have work today...sort of. I walked out to the bus stop at 7:55 as usual, and got soaked because an umbrella doesn't do much when it's raining sideways (I also found that my umbrella leaks under heavy rain). At 8:15 a car pulled up and the driver motioned for me to get in. I didn't recognize the driver or passenger and couldn't get them to identify themselves so waved them off. Even if they were just being polite, I didn't want to take any chances.

At about 8:25 I was soaked up to my knees and slightly wet everywhere else, and I decided to go home. I called my office and was told that the school bus was only then at the second stop in Shekou (I think I'm the fifth stop on the route). Problem as I saw it was that there was no possible way to get a taxi in a tropical storm and it was also impossible to arrive at school in time for my class at 8:40 (the bus takes about 30 minutes to get to campus). We decided to cancel class and reschedule for Friday morning. I just hope the weather clears up a bit tomorrow.


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