Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonerific Olympics

It's probably better that George Carlin isn't around to hear the news. It seems that the Olympics doesn't need to worry so much about steroids anymore--there's a new human growth hormone (excuse the pun) to improve performance--Viagra. That's right, the blue pill does more than help men have sex.

It seems Viagra can increase blood flow to the lungs, which may aid athletes in competition. However, there is no evidence yet as to whether it really does improve athletic prowess. Therefore, it will be legal for use during the Beijing games. I'm not sure how many competitors will really want more blood flow to the lungs while breathing the Beijing air. Anyway, while the Olympic committee will not be testing for Viagra this summer, rest assured that it will be obvious which athletes are using the new doping technique.

I'm starting to wish for the old days of steroid use.

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