Sunday, June 15, 2008

Get the Ark Ready

The rain in South China has been extreme lately. It's not as bad as the Midwest US, fortunately. We've had mostly sunny days during the past week, with heavy downpours all night--and Friday was a full day of steady, heavy rain. The previous week also had a significant amount of rain every day. Chinese media are reporting at least four deaths in Shenzhen related to the storms. The forecast is still saying more rain is coming. On the bright side of things, the rain has cleared up the air--I can see into the distance and the colors of the city are quite nice at times.

My area has been fairly good with drainage of the rain. Although there seemed to be a problem Friday night along Houhai Dadao. My complex, however, seems to have some problems. The pool is filled to the brim, the stairs outside turn into waterfalls, and pools form on the large balconies below us due to blocked drains. So, while the streets may survive, my building may not.

I'd also like to wish my readers (and, of course, my father) a happy Fathers' Day. Hope it isn't too wet.



Anonymous said...

I remember when I was young in shenzhen, there's always storm in the summer time and the city got flooded.

But with the improvement of the city's drain system, this problem has gone for long. So there must be really heavy rain this time.

Winser Zhao said...

I found most of the cities in China got a heavy rain these days. Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing,ofcourse and Chengdu,Chongqing. the globe environment is really a problem now.