Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Xinjiang Art

Last summer, when Jia and I got married in Xinjiang province, I met a lot of people in her hometown. One of those people was the artist Dong Zhentang (董振堂), who is a friend of my mother-in-law. We were amazed by his work--he uses a traditional Chinese painting style, but his work portrays the minority population of Xinjiang. They are beautiful and inspiring scenes.

My wife returned from her bureaucratic journey home to retrieve some documents with a lot of gifts (mostly food). But she did bring a gift from Dong Zhentang--a large painting of an old Uyghur man and mules, titled "Going to the Bazaar."
Xinjiang_paintingI found a Web site with pictures of Dong Zhentang's other work (the site is in Chinese, the links are at the bottom).

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JA Huber said...

I like his style, reminds me a bit of folk art.