Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Niu Year

How many times a year can I celebrate the new year? Apparently three. Tonight is the beginning of Spring Festival and the year of the cow. 春节快乐 to all.

There are some amusing aspects of seeing this year. The first being the joke that keeps getting less amusing every time you hear it. The Chinese word for cow is 牛 niu (sounds similar to "new"), so happy 牛 year! The other one is the presence of the golden cow everywhere. There are a lot that resemble the Wall Street bull. There are also many more that are cute and cartoonish. Many foreigners are a little disturbed by the sight of a golden calf being sold at every store.

Anyway, break out the baijiu and dumplings, put on your lucky red undies, and gather 'round the TV to watch CCTV's Spring Festival festivities.

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