Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uluwatu Sunset

One of the top destinations for tourists in Bali is Uluwatu--a Hindu temple on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean--otherwise known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It is the southernmost point in Bali and the views from the walk through here are beautiful.

Most visitors go to Uluwatu to watch the sunset and enjoy a Hindu performance known as Kecak. While we were there, the sunset was extremely painful--no shade and clear skies. We also didn't sit high enough in the theater to get the best view (though the front row was good for the performance--there was the chance for interaction with the performers).

On the way to Uluwatu, we were warned that the monkeys are thieves. Our guide told me to leave my sunglasses in the car, so I was left with only my regular glasses without which I am nearly blind.
After more than three years in what many consider the crime capital of China without any incident, I figured I was prepared for the monkeys. Well, it seems these monkeys are better thieves than anyone in Shenzhen. The fat one on the wall by the cliff snatched the glasses right off my face. It cost about $2 to get them back with the help of a guy trading fruit for the inedible glasses.
I'm fairly certain this was the thief.

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