Sunday, January 11, 2009


It can be difficult to gauge just how bad the US economy is from reading the doom and gloom articles online. It helps to actively seek employment in the US to get an idea of how hard the publishing industry has been hit.

Last night, I got the best reading of how the economy really is. I was talking with my parents about moving back in March and how difficult it is searching for jobs. I mentioned that if a job comes along in China that offers me at least $30,000 a year, I'd be willing to stay here. My mother agreed. This is shocking because my mother has been begging me to move home since I got here. If this is her response, I know things must be really bad back in the states.


kimba said...

I had the same experience with my mom three years ago. That was for political reasons, but she just thought life might be better where I was than at home.

The only problem with this downturn in the economy is that it's not US-centric - it's global.

So I'd say if you found a job that you can live with *any*where, you should take it!

The only way I would take that advice back is if jobs really open up with the new administration.

Alex Cureton-Griffiths - Shanghai Networking News said...

Jesus, that's pretty bad alright. I've heard reports about how bad things are, but hearing from a fellow laowai really puts it into perspective.

My family are in NZ and my Dad thinks it'll get a lot worse there too. Their job market's already in the toilet.

Thank God we're here in Red China, the only economy that seems to be somewhat working. Oh, the irony!

Nick said...

Yep, same here. I initially had plans to move back to NZ or Taiwan this year, but I think at this stage it's better for me to stay put.

Huawujie said...

What kinds of jobs are you guys doing in China now?

Huawujie said...
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Huawujie said...

What kind of job are you guys doing in China now?