Sunday, January 11, 2009

Russian in Shenzhen

The other night I decided to try a new beer because it was on sale at Jusco for 6.8 RMB ($1). They had four kinds of the same brand, Baltika, from Russia. I couldn't tell what kind of beer I was buying because the labels were in Russian and Chinese (I have to admit I don't know the Chinese for porter, lager, pilsner, etc.).

On the night our friends left Shenzhen, we had a selection of Baltika beers--we sampled Numbers 3, 4, 6, and 7. Number 3 was a tasty light beer that resembled an ale, but it was not as bitter as an IPA. Number 4 was a darker smooth beer. From the companies description, it's made with pale carmel, which is probably the flavor I was trying to identify while drinking it. Number 6 was a strong porter that reminded me of Victory Storm King from Pennsylvania (though Victory's beer is stronger than Number 6's 7% alcohol content). Number 7 was the only one that I didn't particularly enjoy--it tasted too close to Tsingtao for my liking.

As long as Jusco continues to run the sale on these beers, I'll go back and buy some. It's certainly better than paying 8 RMB for a bottle of Asahi Black Beer, and it tastes a bit better. I'll probably stock up on Numbers 4 and 6 before Spring Festival.

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