Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sniffin' It Up

It seems China is getting serious about preventing drug use. The PRC has introduced Labradors at airports to sniff out drug smugglers. They've even given the pups cute uniforms. No word on how many people have been caught.

According to J., the drug sniffers have been used for at least two weeks at the Shekou ferry port. He said he was stopped at the border because a dog mistook a Zip-lock bag containing coffee as drugs. I'm wondering what drug in the world could possibly resemble the scent of Hanukkah Blend coffee.

Perhaps the smugglers are using stinky tofu to mask the odor. I know I wouldn't want to get within a hundred yards of that sewage stench.


markoivitch said...

If what I learned from *cough* Beverly Hills Cop *cough*, coffee grounds are commonly used to mask the smell of drugs.

Degenerasian said...

Think that still works? Beverly Hills Cop was over 20 years ago!