Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shenzhen Drivers

Plenty of people have commented on the driving habits in China. Almost every day I witness a new driving maneuver that would make my head explode if I thought about it long enough.

I had a short conversation about this with my boss on the way to our department's end-of-term lunch--and saw a car making a turn on the wrong side of the street through traffic (sure proved our point). She agreed with my analogy that driving in China (particularly Shenzhen) is organized chaos.

On the news tonight, we saw our neighborhood--over by the Poly Theater. Caught on a security camera was a security guard standing behind a car and being yelled at by a woman. Apparently, she and her husband weren't allowed to park in the space they wanted, and the guard was telling them to leave. Then the woman shouted to her husband to just park. This meant that the car had to back over the security guard.

No word on where the couple was taken after the incident (I bet it wasn't pleasant though).

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