Saturday, March 03, 2007

Children Rant

Some things are universal... like my philosophy. Stupidity begins at home!

I have decided that the reason for stupid acts of children in my neighborhood are caused by a complete lack of parental supervision combined with apathy.

Case 1 from yesterday: As I arrived home from Guangzhou, I watch the children playing in the garden with the parents and grandparents nearby playing cards. One little girl who couldn't have been older than 6 was playing with some dried sticks and leaves. That's when I noticed she had a lighter in her other hand, which she proceeded to attempt to use to light everything on fire. Not a single adult cared.

Case 2 from yesterday: Jia and I went to fill up some water bottles at the filtered water machine in the complex. A boy about the age of 10 watched as we filled up my drinking water for the next day or so. I heard him run and yell for his mother. He came back as we finished and inserted his money. He had no bottle, but he wanted to waste 5 liters of water to wash his hands.

Now, I'm not saying all children are stupid and inconsiderate. I happen to know a few in this area who are very polite and don't go around doing such idiotic things. I am convinced that it is the parents' fault. Maybe they should stop allowing their children to roam around near midnight while they go play mahjong.

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Stuart said...

You're talking about the same country where a couple left their infant unattended while they went to play World of Warcraft at the net bar for several hours. They returned to find their baby dead, of course.