Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Musical Interlude

On my bus ride home last night I was listening to some Bad Religion. One particular song fit the mood of the day (I won't mention anything about the current situation until I figure out exactly what's going on, so be patient).

Walk Away

"Walk away / I'll be a parade / And I'll be determined that no one shall be swayed / On my way I'll sure take some time / And burn all the bridges that I'm leaving behind."

On another note, I really like my new job. The co-workers are great and friendly. My boss is quite nice as well, even though her English is pretty poor. My students are the best part--they really do want to learn English and they're not afraid to ask questions. I even got some honest feedback about my teaching from a few yesterday. I really do need to slow down in the lower-level classes, but an hour isn't enough time to teach the material.

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The Randomness said...

without sounding rude,,,,don't you think they think the same of you too...about the language skills being bad. I am always amused by Westerners when they lament English speaking capabilities of others. People hae different languages which they cherish too. Maybe in your writings you may want to say, my boss speaks less of the foreign language (English)....just saying...