Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chinese Photos

As I've mentioned before, Jia and I are engaged. She decided that we should have our wedding photos done soon. For those unware, the tradition in China is to have wedding photos taken by a professional at any time other than the actual wedding. I've heard of people having photos before and after the wedding--in some cases, after the first child is born.
Anyway, I got dragged to some photography studio last night because Jia heard they had a special promotion going on and this was the last day of it. She found what she wanted and liked what they had to offer. I had some questions of my own. "Does the photo album have to have English in it? This English isn't very good." and "So, what borrowed suits do they have for a foreigner to wear?" Yup, they needed to break out the big sizes for a not-so-big foreigner.
I had my choice of suits: Ugly, Damn that's ugly, and What circus threw that away? So, it looks like I will have to supply my own clothes for this thing. Makes me think that they should charge me less for not using their ugly-as-all-hell wardrobe. At least they'll have some nice dresses for Jia. In the end that's all that matters... no one cares what I look like in the photos anyway.

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