Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fast Food News

Interesting article about Burger King here.

Apparently, they are going to use cage-free chicken eggs and uncrated pigs for their food. It seems they want to accomodate animals rights activists.

Some problems with their plan: Sure this is a good idea, but animal rights activists will probably never eat at Burger King. And what about their beef? Plus, they will only use 2 percent cage-free eggs and 10 percent uncrated pork.

Does this mean Burger King will be healthier? Of course not. It just says that they are trying to be more economically/environmentally responsible. Will I eat at Burger King (if there was one in China)? Nope. I still don't like fast food.


Justin said...

Hey, Matthew...thanks for the comment on the can opener saga. I left a reply if you wanna check back. Bottom line: Where is the Carre-Four? I feel so ignorant, but have never seen one in SZ, only saw a C-F supply truck for the first time here earlier this week.

JA Huber said...

It's only a small percentage, too. 2% of the eggs and 10% of the pork. Guess they are trying. Wonder how they're going to promote this with their Freaky King? Maybe show the King sneaking around a chicken coop grabbing eggs?

JA Huber said...

Hello. I saw this on AC today and realized you had posted about it first:
Burger King Goes Free Range. I wish they wouldn't use that photo of the freaky king!

Matthew said...

I like the fact that the AC article was posted a month after the press release from Burger King. At least I made my post in a timely fashion.