Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Kitchen Sink

Friday, the water was shut off in the neighborhood--probably because of all the construction across the street. When the water came back on, I noticed a problem with the sink. The water now trickles out. It seems that I have a block in the pipes, probably caused by all the dirt that got caught inside during the water shutdown.
Yesterday, Jia stopped by the community office to ask about getting the problem fixed. They said they'd be right over. We watched TV for almost two hours and no one showed up to fix the kitchen sink. Maybe today they'll come.
In other situations I'd simply use the bathroom sink (located conveniently next to the kitchen) but that sink has been broken since I moved in. If I turn on the water, it just leaks through the bottom rather than the faucet. Maybe I should do my dishes in the shower.

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