Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's China Connection

Why are two British newspapers printing stories about Barack Obama's brothers while US media is ignoring them? Better yet, why does anyone care?

The Sun ran a story about one of the Democratic presidential hopeful's younger brothers who happens to live in England. The Times ran another one about an older brother.

The second story was of more interest to me because the Obama brother happens to live in the same district of Shenzhen as I do. There's very little information in the story other than a few details pertaining to his business. It is a rather long article consisting of almost nothing substantial.

What interested me more than anything was the way in which the reporter described Shenzhen. "[T]he most cosmopolitan city in China." Has this reporter ever been to Shenzhen or any other city in China? Did he forget about Shanghai? Cosmopolitan would imply that this city has culture. Go ahead and ask any Chinese person if Shenzhen has culture and they will all respond in the negative. Maybe The Times should consider hiring a writer who knows what goes on in this city.


flit said...

hi... just thought I'd drop a note to let you know I stopped by to read :)

LYCEJ08 said...

well i really like Obama as the president ..and as i watch the video in pollclash im thinking that he could be a good president..about his speech on his plan about the war in Iraq he has the better plan than McCain has..